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Francisco Fernandez from our partner TECNALIA present projet results
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The project is funded by FCH-JU

Call reference : SP1-JTI-FCH.2012.1.5
Grant Agreement : 325239

Development of advanced catalysts for PEMFC automotive applications

Single cell assembly

Raw carbon nano-tubes

Catalyst on modified carbon nano-tubes

Many efforts have been put on the reduction of the Pt loading but nowadays a threshold seems to be obtained. Because the kinetics of the Hydrogen Oxidation Reaction is very fast on Pt, it is possible to use MEA with a Pt loading as low as 35 µgPt/cm-2 without any effect on the voltage loss when such an anode is used in front of a well working cathode. But, the Oxygen Reduction Reaction kinetics is not so fast which is the limiting step concerning the electrochemical processes in a PEMFC. For that reason, the decrease of the Pt loading is now encountering a plateau.

Nano-CAT will propose alternatives to the use of pure Pt as catalyst and promote Pt alloys or even Pt-free innovative catalyst structures with a good activity and enhanced lifetime due to a better resistance to degradation. Nano-CAT will thus develop novel Pt-free catalysts (called bio-inspired catalysts) and explore the route of nanostructured Pt alloys with very low Pt content.


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